Holy Smoke!!

Holy Smoke

Holy Smoke

Driving through the country roads of central Oregon, we drove right into a woodland fire. It wasn’t the kind you could roast marshmallows at and sing campfire songs. I’ve never seen such smoke in real person. I said a prayer and it became holy smoke.

I Saw It On Vacation

I Saw It On Vacation

I Saw It On Vacation

Ummmmahhh….wuzzzzzzz enjoyin’ some camping in Oregon until this guy was found dead in our new campsite. Where are his relatives?

My summer travels took me camping throughout central Oregon. One of our stops was in Tumalo. We arrived and started setting up our camp. I came across this thing on our picnic table. I posted this photo on Facebook and am friends with Jim Culter who is a Senior Scientist at Mote Marine Laboratories here in Sarasota, Florida. He wrote this comment on my post: “There are five species of scorpions reported from Oregon.  I think this one looks like Paruroctonus Boreus.  It is venomous (neurotoxin) but not particularly dangerous (exceptions of young children and very old, compromised health etc, and where on the body you get stung.) Much like a bee sting. The bad scorpions are in the southwest.”

Here’s Your Sign: Danger – Keep Back!

Taking Risks that Are Absolutely Worth It!

Here’s your Sign: Danger – Keep Back!

My goal for this 52-week photography challenge was to stay in order of our listed themes. It became a true “challenge” for me, though, as I am on vacation and on the other side of the United States. I should have been able to capture the next in line theme of “An Expression of Love,” but as you can imagine, I was solely focused on capturing my Oregon adventure. Please let me introduce you to Crater Lake, which is widely known for its intense blue color and truly spectacular views.  Crater Lake reaches depths of 1,943 feet making it the clearest and deepest lake in the United States and the 7th deepest lake in the world.

My sister and I had just completed the two-hour, guided Xanterra boat tour that navigated the entire lake, highlighting the features that make this lake so incredibly beautiful and unique. We were driving back to catch up with others awaiting our return at the historic Crater Lake Lodge, where we lucked out and happened to catch the Perseid Meteor Shower later that evening. We pulled up to this viewing area of Crater Lake and walked out to capture additional photographs. We did not originally see this sign of “Danger Keep Back,” but we went out to the pointed tree for photos, anyway.  Once I saw the captured scene in my camera, this particular theme immediately came to mind. I hope you enjoy learning about this American beauty. I actually fell in love.