Forms in Nature

Forms in Nature

Forms in Nature

Today we painted with flowers during a floral demonstration luncheon at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. Bella Meyer, Founder of fleursBELLA, and the granddaughter of Marc Chagall had us laughing through our afternoon as her silliness and artistic abilities were shared, discussed and enjoyed. It was a beautiful day to spend at The Gardens with the current Warhol exhibit continuing through to June 30th.

Since Jennifer Ozdoba Rominiecki, President and CEO, joined the “Gahdens” (just how a friend of mine, Tom Luzier, and I always referred to the gardens years ago, me as the event manager for a few years and he as a board member at the same time) two years ago, visitors are just astounded what has sprung in such a short time frame. Jennifer has an amazingly talented team and local Sarasotians are so incredibly lucky to have such a jewel in our backyard. It’s not just me that thinks that either. As Jennifer concluded the program this afternoon, she shared that USA TODAY listed Selby Gardens as the #1 botanical garden to visit this Spring! So visit the “Gahdens” and for those in the 52-week photography challenge, there are many other various forms in nature to be captured should you still need this theme for 2017-18.

Amazing how I seem to fall in love over and over again with both Selby Gardens and Sarasota while I’m on those enchanted, beautiful grounds.

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