My First Visit to…the Palm Ball

My First Visit To

My First Visit To the Palm Ball

This year’s Palm Ball theme was Mangroves in the Moonlight. It was way more than that!

Seeing as this was my first time attending this event, I had properly prepared to get my hair, makeup and nails done. I love to keep things simple so if it’s done for me and all I have to do is slip into my gown, it makes the evening all the sweeter.

The Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast hosts guests at what I think is the most elegant gala of the season, the Palm Ball. My guest and I valeted our vehicle and proceeded into the swelling crowd for a libation. As we settled in, we strolled the grounds, took a walk out onto the dock and to the top of the grandfathered-in boat dock for some amazing sunset views. As the sun set, the main tent opened. As we walked into the entrance of the event, I stopped in absolute awe of the pure beauty of this event.  A plethora of unimaginably gorgeous chandeliers hung from above and the lighting was this really pretty purple. I might have lost my breath and said a special thank you before taking my seat next to my guest.

We sipped on cocktails, strolled under the moonlight and danced the night away after a scrumptious dinner of pan-seared jumbo diver scallops and craw-fish, green peas & butternut squash risotto, crispy artichoke, foie gras, nage & crispy salsify root as our first course. Our entree was thyme & garlic roasted chateau of beef, anise-scented sweet potato puree, heirloom baby carrots, toasted cauliflower, grilled trumpet king mushroom, cabernet & black truffle demi reduction. We didn’t even see the dessert because my guest took me by my hand for some dancing as the band Pocket Change played. It was one of those evenings you didn’t know you would hate to see come to an end.

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