The Wild Side

The Wild Side

The Wild Side

One of life’s biggest joys to me is observing nature whether walking through a forest with someone special, out on a boat on the other coast as sea turtles emerge and flying fish say hi, or strolling Siesta Key Beach or Anna Maria Island as a storm is approaching. All make photography such a thrill!

I’m a lucky girl as most days I feel like Snow White as animals come to me. Well, I keep my eye out for animals all the time so it’s not really that I’m like Snow White. Last week it was an eagle sitting on the ground by my mailbox. Yesterday it was an osprey flying above me with a fish in its mouth. Yesterday afternoon it was a baby bunny grazing on some grass outside my office window. This morning a male cardinal greeted me at the door as I walked into work. A few moments ago we had another friendly visitor. This is the wild side shot for today!  Don’t you just love his little footprints all over our glass doors!?!


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