White on White

White on White

White on White

A mentor of mine in my photography club invited me out for a photo shoot and a bite to eat last night. We met at Ken Thompson Park by Mote Marine Laboratory and The Bait Shop. The weather turned tumultuous quite quickly and I thought about going home. But the water lover in me wanted to stay and play in the rain and get some shots no matter what. The wind rocked my car and the absolute downpour pounded down making it difficult to see or hear anything. It was so much fun! I was there with friends but was still alone which I enjoy. I saw a sailboat out in the distance and put my window down. The inside of my vehicle and everything on my passenger side got soaked but I love this shot. I thought about the sailor who owns the boat, the waters the boat may have traveled, the thrill of it and the next time it will be out again. It just spoke to me.

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