The Eye

The Eye

The Eye

My younger sister resides in upstate New York and graciously arranged a horseback riding outing for our family during our current summer vacation!  The riding stables and farm are located in Pittsford, New York and the non-profit is called ‘A Horse’s Friend’ which provides growth and an alternative opportunity for all of the participants, both children and adults. With the combination of the program director, trained staff and volunteers, new and successful opportunities are the only outcome. Their program promotes responsibility, horse etiquette and horseback riding, and a safe environment for guests, guides and horses!

The land is untouched and protected public property forever to be kept that way. It has rolling hills and a canopied forest. Wild flowers and herbs a plenty!

My horses name was Karl. “Karleone” is the stud in the group. He was a complete gentleman with me and didn’t even need me to hold my reigns. It was a peaceful ride and by the end, we could look eye to eye. My butt is another story.

8 thoughts on “The Eye

  1. When I rode, I always started by looking into the horse’s eyes and rubbing the muzzle to get a connection with the animal. They always seemed to be more willing to work with me when I showed them I cared first.

    • Once our group arrived, we were immediately matched up and on our horses circling the pen so they could confirm that their matchup was best for all. We started out then on our guided tour so our visit time came after!

    • Yes, never be fooled. I had a coworker seriously injured while riding. This group knew their horses well and matched us all up perfectly. We had time after the ride to feed the horses, ask questions, visit as long as we’d like and of course, take photographs!!!

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