A friend of mine and I recently spent a weekend in Atlanta. My main reason for the visit was to attend Georgia Aquarium’s annual fundraiser called Aqua Vino and dive with whale sharks. I crossed the days off in my calendar in anticipation of finally getting to visit the world’s largest aquarium which opened in 2005.

The Georgia Aquarium houses 120,000 animals, representing 500 species, in 8.5 million US gallons (32,000 m3) of marine and fresh water. The most notable specimens include four young whale sharks, four beluga whales, eleven bottlenose dolphins and four manta rays.

The night of the event had finally arrived. I felt like a little kid walking through Disney for the first time. We arrived and were immediately able to view the amazing Ocean Voyager. The whale sharks are absolutely massive and extremely graceful as manta rays and thousands of animals were swimming around them and above us! We didn’t end up being able to dive with the whale sharks as you can’t dive and fly within a twelve hour span and our flight was eleven hours from the scheduled diving event and our return flight home. I will be going back though to do that!

There is a weekly Saturday morning show called “Ocean Mysteries” with Jeff Corwin which is hosted by Georgia Aquarium. I try not to miss it as Jeff is funny in his interactions with both the species and the humans he comes in contact with. It’s a wonderful way to come down from the hectic work week and be immersed in ocean mysteries and the most magical aquarium habitat in the world.

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