When I hear the word architecture, I immediately think of exterior images only for some reason. I made a mental note to capture two commercial buildings on Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota for this week’s theme. I headed out last night and captured both buildings but neither inspired me enough to blog about them.

I decided to review my saved images on my computer and remember being invited to the private tasting at Sean Murphy’s private invitation to the soft-opening of The Concession Bistro in Lakewood Ranch. As my dear friend, Megan, a former employee at The Concession, and I were walking in, the entrance and warmth sucked me in. The lighting and the arches were so welcoming and it was only the first taste of the lovely evening ahead of us that included great company, fun conversation and decadent cuisine and vino. We toasted to the mouth-watering creations , exceptional culinary services, and the “arch-itecture” of both the exterior and the gorgeous, plush interior.

An Expression of Love

Expression of Love

A Mother and Her Daughter Spending Cherished Time Together

They may be opposites but they compliment each other so well. Her daughter has dark hair and she has light. Her daughter wears a white top and she wears a dark one. Her daughter sported dark jeans that hot day and she chose white shorts.

They walked this path together like this almost forgetting I was walking behind them. It was so okay as we were there celebrating her daughter. You see, she is leaving the state and her family for the first time to go to college in Boston.

We’re all so proud of the funny, kind, caring, mature, intelligent, witty, young lady she has become. We know she is ready but as you can see, it is going to be hard to let go, for all of us.

Here’s Your Sign: Danger – Keep Back!

Taking Risks that Are Absolutely Worth It!

Here’s your Sign: Danger – Keep Back!

My goal for this 52-week photography challenge was to stay in order of our listed themes. It became a true “challenge” for me, though, as I am on vacation and on the other side of the United States. I should have been able to capture the next in line theme of “An Expression of Love,” but as you can imagine, I was solely focused on capturing my Oregon adventure. Please let me introduce you to Crater Lake, which is widely known for its intense blue color and truly spectacular views.  Crater Lake reaches depths of 1,943 feet making it the clearest and deepest lake in the United States and the 7th deepest lake in the world.

My sister and I had just completed the two-hour, guided Xanterra boat tour that navigated the entire lake, highlighting the features that make this lake so incredibly beautiful and unique. We were driving back to catch up with others awaiting our return at the historic Crater Lake Lodge, where we lucked out and happened to catch the Perseid Meteor Shower later that evening. We pulled up to this viewing area of Crater Lake and walked out to capture additional photographs. We did not originally see this sign of “Danger Keep Back,” but we went out to the pointed tree for photos, anyway.  Once I saw the captured scene in my camera, this particular theme immediately came to mind. I hope you enjoy learning about this American beauty. I actually fell in love.

A Song Title: Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty

Baker Street

A Song Title: Baker Street

This week’s theme was a ton of fun!

My family and I were on vacation in upstate New York in the finger lakes region celebrating our traditional summer, family vacation. I mentioned our theme for this week’s challenge and shared with them the song title I had selected and the idea I had to help capture it. They all jumped right into “the kitchen” to help me line a nearby country road with borrowed baking equipment from my mother’s kitchen. As well, my niece helped me shop for the miniature baked pies and ice cream cupcakes that we then brought home and decorated with pink sparkles for additional color and fun and of course, later ate as dessert for our last summer family dinner.

We hope you enjoy these fresh baked goodies as well as this great classic by Gerry Rafferty. Until next week, keep clicking!

A Hot Ride

Chris-Craft Boats

Hinckley Picnic Boat

Our first theme for our 52 week challenge is “A Hot Ride”.

Hinckley Yachts, founded in 1928, is a manufacturer of luxury sailing yachts and jet-powered picnic boats based in Southwest Harbor, Maine. All of Hinckley’s yachts are handcrafted and semi-custom built.

This image was taken while I was out enjoying a ride on my friends boat which was an Old School 25′ Boston Whaler Outrage with a Whaler Drive on the back. I saw the Hinckley, I saw the flag and then I saw the couple enjoying it all. They seemed to be so in love with the slow Sunday afternoon, the peace and tranquility of the day as well as each other. It was precious to witness and this is what I see in my mind as a hot ride!